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We run


Lately, the best game is to run, no matter whether we are inside or outside. … read more



Olivia likes the postman or better to say she realized that the cool stuff … read more

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  • 6.5.2015

    The grilling season began and this year … read more

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  • Autonomous


    This year, we survived the Easter holiday :) I was cold (I don’t remember when I was so sick last time) and for Olivia it was too much going on with too many people and after a week she wanted to go home. But … read more

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  • 23.2.2015

    The snow is slowly melting and we’re looking forward to the spring, but I’m glad that … read more

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  • 25.1.2015

    After Christmas, Olivia is excited about her push bike, which … read more

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  • 10.1.2015

    Olivia started talking even more than before and … read more

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  • Cavallino


    We ended this summer with a trip to Italy. This time we were in one camping park near to Venice. … read more

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  • 17.7.2014

    We strengthen our immunity. I feel like one of us is always sick. Nevertheless, … read more

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  • 17.5.2014

    I’ve already been working for two weeks and it’s quite a nice change. Time with my colleagues flies away so fast in the morning and in the afternoon I enjoy Olivia and … read more

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