Evergreen island - Ischia

We spent a wonderfull week in Italy last summer. We decided to get known an evergreen thermal island Ischia and people who live there. We tasted several food specialities and relish thermal spa with plenty of thermal springs and swimming pools. The sun was shining, a pleasant wind was blowing when we rest on the beach and we felt like in paradise.This picturesque island could be also characterized by huge lemons and sweet grapes, which we tried several times. It is said that the lemons are not chemical sprayed here and they are so big, good and juicy just because of wonderful weather which there is. To be honest we could see just few clouds on otherwise clear sky during the whole vacation. There is quite high huminidy as well (around 75%). What you should definitely try is very nice and cold drink Grannita di Limone made from fresh lemons and fine crushed ice.

The lemon juice is also combined with orange juice and fine crushed ice (two oranges with half lemon :)). We bought this kind of drink in a small stand at the San Angelo beach.There was an italian guy behind the huge pile of oranges and lemons. He smiled, squeezed the fruit in front of us and created fresh drinks by mixing juice with ice together (2,5dcl glass for two euros). Another speciality, which was recommended to us, was bruschetta. Officialy it is starter, but I think that you can eat it as light lunch as well. Basically, it is toasted italian bread with garlic and big pile of tomatos seasoned with typical italian spices (basil, garlic, oregano and salt). They always served it with some fresh basil leaves on the plate and the fragrant crunchy bread in the little basket.