Hotel Corona***

After a long decision making we decided to stay in this hotel. We booked it even in a sale through the travel agency so the price was really good. After arriving to the hotel we met a nice lady at the reception, who was willing to explain us, where is our room, when the time for the breakfast and dinner is and she also gave us a little key from the gate to short private path towards the beach. We sometimes had to pay attention on what she said because of her strong italian accent, but after a while we got use to english mixed with german enriched by italian expressions which was spoken on the whole island. I understood english expressions, Andrej understood german expressions, so we simply put it together and we didn’t have any problems to understand at all:) To speak with us was probably the most difficult task for waiter. The first waiter we saw was young guy, who went away after he found out that we couldn’t speak italian and he sent us very nice older one, but he probably knew some expressions like water, salad and ice cream, so he sometimes brought us water and cake. Both of them were very nice and they assign table to us at the beginning for the rest of our vacation. The interesting thing was that in case we didn’t finish our bottle of wine or water, we found it cooled next day on our table.

Our room was cosy and quite big. We had a big fan in our bedroom and we also could have an air condition in case we would be interested in, but we were basically whole day away from the hotel or near the swimming pool, so we didn’t want it. After couple of days we found out how to use the blinds properly. We shut them during the day against the sun and warm and to keep our room cold and we opened them in the evening to let cold breeze go in. The hotel area was really beautiful. There was green soft lawn everywhere, many palm trees and different sculptures. There were two swimming pools. One of them with water about 33 degrees in the greenhouse and the second one outside with lounge chairs and parasols all around.

With speaking about the food we can’t complain that we would be hungry :) The breakfast was in form of buffet. There were always two types of fresh crunchy italian bread, Pandoro, cake, ham, cheese, eggs, different jams, yoghurts and cereals. Eggs were quite interesting. They were fresh not boiled in eggshell, what I didn’t realize. When I took one the waiter smiled and he pointed out that I need to boil it first. He took the egg, put it into little pot with boiled water and he set up little alarm for five minutes for me. So after five minutes I took the egg from pot :) There was always some juice, tea or something from coffee machine - espresso, cappuccino, chocolate… to drink. Our suppers were wonderful. We always chose from two or three meals, different starters, main courses and desserts during the breakfast. We usually tried to understand different names (it was also in english luckily) of meals and we sometimes needed waiter’s help. Then we just said what we wished and we looked forward to the supper. I tried to remember all of this tasty food and I put it into the table below, but we don’t have any pictures so you need to imagine how nice it was. We can just say that you could eat it also only with eyes. It looked always wonderful.

day starter main course dessert
Saturday 1.risotto with different fish

2.macaroni with whisk cheese cream and chopped chicken

1.roasted fish with lemon

2.pork with gravy, salad or green beans

ice cream with topping and peach
Sunday 1.gnocchi with tomato sauce and cheese

2.spaghetti with prawn

1.chicken a la Ischia 2.roasted fish, salad or chips tiramisu cake
Monday 1.different pasta with potatoes and cheese

2.spaghetti with seashells with tomatoes 2.bpork steak, salad with corn or butter spinach ice cream or fruit
Tuesday vegetable soup turkey a la Ischia salad with tomatoes big yellow melon
Wednesday 1.risotto with mixed species

2.pasta a la Genova with fish

3.cream chicken soup

cotoletta (pork steak) alla milanese tricolor salad pudding with cream
Thursday 1.gnocchi a la Rome

2.fussilliwith different vegetables

grilled chicken fillet tomatoes with olives or butter broccoli ice cream
Friday macaroni with salad 1.grilled salmon

2.pork with ham and cheese, salad with carrot

lemon sorbet
We usually didn’t have rice or potatoes, except once when we had chips. But we always had a basket with a crunchy bread. We had usually super at eight in the evening and then we went to rest on the swing near the swimming pool. Sometimes we really needed to struggle to eat everything, because there was plenty of food, but food was light for stomach, so we were always hungry in the morning.