East Madeira

One way how to get known some part of this beautiful island is to go for a bus trip and travel across the mountains and along the coast. We saw so many beautiful things, untouched nature, traditional houses, completely different land in the north part and in the south. Once you go up through the layer of clouds after the forest, mountains appear before your eyes and you feel like in a paradise. I think it’s definitely worthy of walking to other two higher hills, so we need to come there again :)

North part of Madeira is greener and not as dry as the south part and people here are living from growing of different types of vegetable and fruit like bananas and papaya. Swimming in the ocean is forbidden because it’s dangerous and there aren’t beaches but cliffs and the ocean is quite wild. We could see many villages hidden among the mountains.

It’s really a beautiful area, but it’s probably quite difficult to live there because many young people are going away from the island mostly to South America. I need to mentioned that when you are in Santana you should see the traditional houses or rather cottages. There are some people who are still living in these houses and make from that a little attraction for tourists.

The eastest tip of Madeira is probably the driest place on the island, but it’s a good point for view of the neighbour island Porto Santo, so you can’t miss it. It is said that Porto Santo is very similar to this tip but there are nice sandy beaches, what is a good reason for staying there for tourists or go there by a ferry from Madeira (Funchal). It takes two and half hours and it costs around 70 euros.