I love white winter especially white Christmas :) , but I couldn’t see any snow even at home last year. The winter in UK is usually quite mild with around 5 degrees above zero and it’s raining all the time. So I basically said bye to snow, when I traveled back to England after the Christmas time. At that time I didn’t know that I would have one week like in paradise. There were a lot of news about heavy snowing causing problems, several schools were closed and we have received some emails to be careful on the way home, but I was really happy when I could see everything covered by snow one morning and I wasn’t alone. MyEnglishhouse-mateswere happy too. Everything was white and you could listen to snowy crunching as you walked and see many people building snowmen. There were a lot of people who took pictures of their friends making snowy angels on the ground. Well it’s not everyday but it made me happy at least for a while :)