I have already lived in for one and half year and I haven’t written anything about it yet. Well, I decided to write more about how it is to live in this country. First I need to say that it’s quite nice evergreen country with temperature around 15 degrees almost all the year. What is really fascinating, the weather can be changed several times over the one day. I have one warning for summer lovers; you shouldn’t come here :) But it will be a paradise for those who desperately love raining and clouds. Speaking of weather … it’s always good thing to talk about among friends here.

When I first came here I was enchantment with the environment. There is beautiful green grass everywhere and every house has facade from typical bricks. Even Tesco looks nice not like ugly box in my home country. Well, you can also say that every house looks the same, which is true, but some of them are really nice. People are nice and helpful, but little bit reserved. They are crazy in wearing clothes. They are either conservative or they are able to combine everything together. But the common thing is that people are used to cold, they usually don’t wear socks and wear just kind of open shoes even in snowy weather. Hm … I would like to be so hardy sometimes. Anyway, if you really want to know, what I’m talking about, just go for clubbing during the winter, sit down in the club with the glass of good wine, watch and enjoy :)You would need to be English to understand.

After a while you will find out that most of the days during the year is cloudy weather, when everything is grey and it’s really difficult to get up in the morning and you will need to learn many ways how to make yourself happy.The worst combination is cold day with drizzling, when you can feel the weather under your skin. Even it would be better to stay in the warm bed covered by the duvet, you need to go out and fight with melancholy, which surrounds you. On the other side, when the sun is shining, you are perfectly happy and you relish that. I have never been so happy from the sun than here.

Another interesting thing is food. Typical english food is fish and chips with peas, what is basically saying that the food is not really strong side of this country. When I came here I was desperate from bread, flour, I couldn’t find anything similar to tvaroh (it’s not the same as cottage cheese) and bryndza and I still don’t like too much the taste of milk here. But to defense, I found huge amount of species, fruit, vegetables and fresh herbs and fish and I can say that I eat much healthier than before and I do love salmon prepared in any way. You just need to know what to choose. There are sausages, beans in tomato sauce, bacon and chips everywhere. You can sometimes find perfect sandwich. I love one in the University House - turkey with salad in crunchy ciabatta. The food is also influenced by many cultures, so there are many chinese, italian, indian, spanish, polish etc. restaurants. But I need to say that home made english food is great and I do love all the muffins and cakes. Oh, if you are familiar with the slovak meaning of the word puding, it’s completely different from english pudding. They are able to name pudding every kind of sponge cake. If you are looking for the desert I mentioned firstly it’s more like custard. This country is interesting in many ways and it’s definitely worth to come here, but as a tourist. I can’t imagine to live here permanently. It’s good experience, but it’s too different from the rest of Europe. I’m probably biased because I live here without my lovely husband, but I heard the same opinion from too many people here, so I believe that it’s true. Well, come and try :)