Ikea seminar

As an Ikea family member, I’ve received an email about the kitchen seminar with free breakfast provided. I was wondering if I could learn something new, what would be useful for designing of our future kitchen, so I decided to apply for it. The seminar was on Sunday morning. The Ikea was closed, there were no customers at that time. There were just couple of people standing outside, waiting for one guy who opened the door for us. We went directly to a restaurant, where several tables were already prepared for the breakfast. As soon as we came the staff were offering us hot and cold drinks and they served a very nice typical english breakfast with fresh warm buns and butter. After finishing eating, one guy gave us a presentation about important things in the kitchen and what everything we should consider while designing the kitchen environment. It was really interesting, I learn couple of safety rules and I found out that there is magic kitchen triangle. :)I loved when the guy said that the lighting in the kitchen is like woman’s makeup - very important for looking great, but you must know how to do it. There were quite a lot of people ( around 30), so we split into two groups afterward. We spent half hour by asking questions and discussing everything we could see in arranged kitchens with Ikea designers. Finally, the guy from the beginning explained us how to use Ikea kitchen planner. I had a wonderful Sunday morning and only thing I need to do now is to plan my own perfect kitchen, where i would love cooking and baking even more than now.