On the trip to USA

Finally, after a long time of promising, we visited Miško and Ivka in faraway America. We set off at four in the morning, so we could catch a flight from Vienna ( I’m really thankful that I have so great parents, that they got up so early and gave us a lift there). We flew with a very small planeto Dusseldorf, where we had a famous pretzel, coffee and I bought a big package of Haribogummibears. After the rest, we decided to go towards the large aircraft and the seven hour flight. My dear husband slept all the way, I woke him up only several times when it was time to eat. I read everything around, wrote a piece of paper and relished a large space in the aircraft, which was amazing compared to the small planes, which I usually fly with. And then we saw the ground and scattered houses through the window, and eventually a Statue of Liberty in the distance when we were landing in New Jersey.

Once at the airport I found that the beautiful accent of british English is miles away from the american English and I only tried to listen carefully to understand them. Of course, Andrej was very happy with that as always. Second, this time our common observation was that everything was huge there … cars, roads, buildings, and most people, so we only watched everything. Then we waited for a taxi with Ivka. Finally we got the taxi, which made strange sounds at very beginning and it took us only a little bit from the airport, where we changed this odd car for a nice and more comfortable one, which took us home.A 11th floor was high enough for my first panorama and the view was really nice as well.

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