Philadelphia is the town I could write about for hours. I really enjoyed this place. We spent there four nice sunny days and I don’t regret it. Well, there were two my ideas we could avoid, otherwise everything was great. First, I didn’t listen to my brother and I chose the hotel where we stayed. It was fine, the room wasn’t too big and continental breakfast turned to bagels and cereals, but the interesting thing about it was a room window, which was oriented to the interior of the hotel.My second idea was to try Philly cheese steak, which is basically baguette full of meat and cheese with chips without any veges. Well, it wasn’t too bad, but it’s definitely not my favourite food.

I need to say that there is always something positive even in bad things. Our hotel was right next to the china town and very close to a great market with lot of fruit. So we tried one Malaysian restaurant, bought some packages of strawberries in good deal and full bag of fruit everyday. Once, we discovered a shopping mall and when we entered I could smell a wonderful combination of butter, cinnamon and sugar. My brother took me to the near stand with cinnabon rolls, which was for me the love at first taste. We visited everything we could in this beautiful town. The best one was probably penitentiary, mainly because of our excellent guide. We learned everything about an american independence and tried everything in the Franklin Institute and finally visited an aquarium.