Trip to Zaruby hill

As we have been together again for a little bit longer time than usual, we decided to go somewhere for a nice trip. This time we chose mountains Male Karpaty with the aim to go to the highest hill Zaruby (768 m). And to make this trip more interesting, we visited ruins of two castles on the road. On Saturday morning we travelled to Plavecke Podhradie, where our trip began and after 20 minutes of hiking we could observe ruins of the first castle Plavecky hrad. By walking in the forest with the assistance of the tourist signs we came through Amonova luka to Brezinky near the lake Bukova. From there with the vision of the lunch at the castle in our minds we began to walk last the most demanding stage of the trip. Well, we were also hiking up to the hill after this part, but it was not so steep.

At the castle Ostry kamen (Sharp stone) we sit on a nice rock with a beautiful view, which was really charming and we started eating the rolls with cheese and chicken pate with tomato, peppers, cucumbers and other, what we found in the rucksack.Strengthen we came to the Zaruby hill in half hour, we watched a nice view onthe road and satisfied we started to return back to the lake. The path from Brezinky to the lake led through the bushes and fields full of little flies and branches, which we would be happy to avoid if possible. Considering the forest it was also about six degrees warmer here, around 31, so we couldn’t wait to change the path toward Rozbehy and the ruins of the third castle. Well, the path was really better, but so badly signed, that we didn’t get to the third castle and we ended in the village Prievaly. We were too tired to return and find the good way and we just waited for the lift home. The trip was great, it took us about 8-9 hours and we felt our feet also on the next day.