I was looking for some photos in my huge database of pictures :)and i found several interesting pictures, which have probably not been seen by anyone except me and Andrej and which remain me a lot of nice things. They are all somehow related to our wedding. As I came home just one week before our wedding, I could only listen who send a new wedding card with best wishes. Therefore, when I was in Slovakia I put all of them together so I could also see them. Although, there are still many of them, which are missing on that picture above. We also received many little presents, which I love usually more than big ones because they are small, cute and make me happy. Two of them I got from my very nice friends in England and although I’m not in everyday contact with them anymore, they helped me a lot there and I can see that every time I see these little presents. There is one sad or more funny story about the five-leaf clover we got. I wanted to take a picture of it, but there wasn’t light enough, so I place it near the window. Well, it was quite windy and the little green five-leaf clover flu away. It made me of course enormously unhappy, so my lovely husband promised me to go and find it. But it felt on very wrong side of our flat, where we couldn’t enter. Finally, we met one old man, who lived on the right side and let us go into the garden. I actually think that he thought we must be mad. So we were walking and searching about half hour, but our mission wasn’t successful. Well, if it was our happiness, it is well buried somewhere in that garden.

Last two pictures were taken after our wedding. I got the little pink mug as a present from Andrej in Madeira. I was little bit angry with him only once and I don’t really remember the purpose. We just walked in to the some shopping centre and we saw the shop with mugs, which were very cute and I liked them, so Andrej decided to buy one for me. We spent there quite a long time, because Andrej wanted something with good text as well and I refused to help him in finding the meaning. I only watched him as he was walking with different mugs to shop assistant trying to understand the meaning. I realised that I don’t want to be angry with him during that time, but the result made this feeling even stronger. Amo te Para sempre means I love you forever. Last picture only shows, what I found in my room when I came back to England. My very nice house mate prepared it for me.