Pub quiz

Well, I don’t celebrate Halloween, because firstly it’s an American feast and secondly I think that All saints day is about something else and we have much better tradition of thinking about our relatives. As every year, I honestly completely forgot about it, when someone knocked on our house door. When it was repeated second time by another little cute child dressed as a little pumpkin, my house-mate went to shop and bought a bowl full of sweets and candy. Then we had some more visitors and I thought the feast was over.

The day after, on All saints day, we went to the pub in Coventry. We drunk cider and enjoyed conversation and watching several people dressed as Dracula or something covered with blood etc. But I figured out the actual reason why we went to the pub on Sunday evening only later. There is a very english tradition to do the pub quiz on every Sunday or also on Tuesday in the most of pubs. I felt like a really stupid foreigner when I said to my friends that I have never heard about it before (and they were staring at me little bit weirdly as well :)). So we waited till some guy walked around with questionnaire forms and papers with pictures and then we listened carefully to questions and tried to fill the answers. This quiz was special, because it was all about some creatures and horror movies. One group of questions was about to compare different couple of men and try to guess who was “bigger” killer. We also tried to figured out some creatures acting in some movies from the pictures. I can honestly say that I had no idea about at least half of the questions, but I wasn’t alone :)and it was quite fun anyway. Well, I learned again something new and traditional.