A trip toward lakes

Finally, after two and half months, I and Andrej have been together again and as we got the car for a couple of days, we decided to go for a trip somewhere. However, the parking in Munich is not the best idea and we wanted to use the car more useful, so we drove toward two lakes near Munich - Starnberg See and Walchensee. Starnberg See is the second largest lake in Bavaria. First, we were thinking about going to the largest one Chiemsee, which is as far as Starnbergfrom Munich, but that is on the way to Salzburg (towards Slovakia) and we will probably see it several times in the future. Anyway, the lake is beautiful, although it was quite cold there, especially in the near park, where we discovered a small chapel. As I read the lake is very known place for tourist in the summer and there are several companies, which offer round trips, special tours and bout trips. Well, maybe we will return in the summer there :)

After about an hour walk, we were thinking what to do next. Since I wanted to make some pictures of Alps, my lovely husband drove little bit more to the south to the Walchensee. I really did love that place, although we didn’t stay to long as it’s becoming dark outside. This lake is very popular because of hiking and water sports. Well it was cold for water sports but there were loads of visitors, who came for hiking or just walking. I also discovered that there is the mountain railway, which takes people to the summit of the Herzogstand hill. It is said that this hill is one of the most beautiful lookout points in Bavaria. So I studied one local map and planned where we could go in the warmer weather and my poor husband only watched me and try to limit the number of the hiking paths I suggested ( I love you honey :)).