English garden

To be honest, I have no idea why this park is called Englischer Garten (English garden). Maybe because it is well-adjusted with properly cut lawn and pretty paths. It’s one of the world’s largest public parks and it’s also obviously very popular for relax and walking, doing some sports or just for sitting and reading a book. This park actually reminded me the Central Park in Manhattan, but this one is even larger.

The only thing we knew about the park when we entered it was that there is the Chinesischer Turm (Chinese Tower). We noticed also the map with all the paths and important points on it and we agreed that we could cross whole the park, look for the tower and then go by U-Bahn back to town centre. It was really nice walking and warm sunny weather. We also discovered a Greek style temple called Monopteros (Apollo temple) on a little hill, which was created artificially as I read later and a little waterfall, which is actually used by surfers, when there is a lot of water.

So we finally came to the Chinese tower. There were lot of people who were working on building wooden kiosks for christmas market and some of them decorated the big tree. Some of the kiosks were already opened and offered people sausages and beer. Since my lovely husband promised me to buy me a beer called weissbier, we stayed there for a while and enjoyed the beer and the atmosphere of the park.

Well, just to defence myself; I know that it doesn’t look like, but I really didn’t drink it all by myself, Andrej helped me a lot :). Since we thought that we are somewhere in the middle of the park, we approached the closest map to check the rest of our way. At that point we realised that we are only in the first quarter of the park and that the first map we saw was only first half of the park. Well, I’m convinced that this park is one of our most favourite places in Munich and I will have many opportunities to take a lot of other pictures and finally see all the parts of the park.