Where to go with visitors

We were thinking about where to go in Munich. We had a nice weather and 3-days ticket for travelling, so I took the map and was looking for some interesting places in the wider centre of the Munich. Since I wanted to take some impresive pictures, we went to the Nymphenburg castle.

Well the castle is really impresive, but I’m not sure about the pictures. As it is the beginning of the winter, all the statues were covered by the wooden boxes, fountains were not working and in general it was obviously a good time to repair everything. And as we were walking an interesting idea occured to us; if there is someone, who will visit us in between April and October, we will be happy to show him this place :). But I don’t regret that we walked there, I think it’s worthy to see it anytime.

Afterwards we went to Olympia park. Have I already mentioned that it is good time to repair and tidy up everything this time of year? Well, the big artificial lake was without the water and was in the process of cleaning. But the park was amazing anyway and I am sure we will return there for another nice walk. It’s actually another good place for our future visitors :)as there is 290 m high tower with beautiful views of the entire Munich. There is the lift in the tower, which will take you up to 185 m. On that floor you can watch everything through the windows, on which simple schemes are described so you actually know where and what you are looking at. Then there are another two floors, where you need to go by stairs, but there is only railing and you can take some nice panoramas.

This is the first panorama made by Andrej, so I expect many comments how nice it is :)