Well, home is a special word. This word should denotes the place where you feel comfortable, where you have all your belongings and possibly you live there with your loved ones. It is that nice place where you go after work, where you return from the vacation or visit. After more than two years of living in England and travelling I have things everywhere, my family, husband and friends are on different places and mostly not very close to one another and I am not sure where I felt the most comfortable.

When we agreed with Andrej to move to Munich, we started looking for a new flat. We spent quite a lot of time searching offers and finally we found one which somehow meets our conditions.I haven’t been in the flat personally and I know how it looks like inside only from the pictures, but I know surroundings quite well since I went there with Andrej for a walk. We had several tips for the flat and areas, but when we walked here I didn’t want to go anywhere else. I’m not sure why, but I felt so nice and comfortable and I was enchanted by the atmosphere of that place. And after a long time I felt like it could be our proper home.