5th of November

Well, I know that this date was quite long time ago and you probably don’t even remember it, but British people used to say “remember, remember fifth of November”. And there is a special reason why, which I found funny, when I first heard about it. A long time ago, in seventeenth century, several catholic conspirators including Guy Fawks (the main “hero”) wanted to destroy the House of Parliament in England. They somehow managed to place massive amount of gunpowder in an undercroft underneath the House of Lords. But they were betrayed before they could let it explode. Finally, all the conspirators were discovered and executed. British people call this night Bonfire night and they celebrate that the House of Parliament stands still on its place.

During this night there are fireworks everywhere. My housemates told me that there is also tradition to build bonfire on which these “guys” are burnt symbolically, but it isn’t so usual nowadays. Traditional food is a jacket potato. It is the big baked potato (in jacket) cut into two halves with filling in the middle. Typical filling is beans in tomato sauce and you can sprinkle the whole potato with grated cheese.

The last Bonfire night was great. We made our own little firework in the garden, ate the jacket potatoes and had just nice time. And then we discovered the beauty of the combination of sparkles with DSLR camera :) So we draw many things and our names in the air and I really recommend this activity :)