Finally, I visited Paris, the city considered as a one of the most romantic places in the world or at least in the Europe. Well, I’m sure I don’t need to go there to have a perfect romantic atmosphere, but it is a nice place, worthy of visiting. What I enjoyed the most were trees on each street and loads of small parks everywhere. Typical French buildings with little balconies with metal railings, small cafés with outdoor sections and of course bakeries with fresh baguettes made this town somehow special. Well, a French food is not really my favorite, although I haven’t been to any restaurant if I don’t count a lunch in a hotel. Firstly, I didn’t have too much time and company and secondly, with my luck I would probably order from a French menu something, which would stared at me from the plate. Maybe I just didn’t try the right food, but the wine was great.

The trains for local transportation were a bit old. But everything was well signed and I didn’t have any problem to buy a ticket for an underground and find the right platform. And maybe I found the right way just because of my huge desire to see an Eiffel tower :).You could say that it’s only a pile of iron, but when you actually stay under the tower, you must feel somehow great and impressed by the construction. You are suddenly very small compare to it and …. you just need to take a picture of it :).