I would like to share my impressions from another country with you. I visited Portugal two weeks ago. I already knew that it is the lovely country as we went to Madeira for our honeymoon, but I found out that there is still so much to explore. My Portuguese friend also recommended me to go to south west coast for beautiful sceneries and relax, to relish sun and Atlantic ocean. So I consider it as a very nice inspiration for a future holiday This time I traveled to Braga for a Serious games conference and I spent several hours in Porto. It is a very nice city, which you can enjoy from the airport to the very centre. Everything was clean, there were new looking underground trains and security guys occasionally checking if everything is ok, so I had really safety feeling. Another very positive thing about traveling was its price. It was very cheap, especially the suburban trains, which connected Porto with its surrounding. People were approachable and willing to help and I was nicely surprised that they didn’t have any problem with english language at all. And to make it really perfect, despite of quite bad weather forecast, it was warm and sunny day :)

I walked in the wider centre of the town. There are beautiful churches everywhere. I even walked unbelievable amount of stairs to get to the cathedral and see the town from the top. Another things I liked and found interesting were pretty painted tiles on the buildings. I just wondered how they would repair it if one of them breaks. In such a nice weather it was really worthy to go on a boat trip. I could see all six bridges crossing the river, enchanting scenery of the town and river delta in Atlantic ocean.