PS Portugal

There is something I forgot to write about Portugal. I brought two presents for my dear husband from this country. A little good luck rooster and a white Port wine. Well, the rooster should be black originally, but nowadays it is painted in many different colours. It is symbol of luck and justice when you fight for it and there is an interesting legend connected to one innocent Portuguese man who was released from hanging for crime thanks to a one rooster.

Back to the white Port wine, I had a great dinner in Braga, in one very authentic looking cellar. I found out that the traditional meal is a codfish, cooked or fried in many different ways. A quite funny thing is that this fish is imported here from a different country. The very traditional way of preparing is butter fried codfish with fried potatoes. It is very tasty meal, but little bit to fried and therefore heavy for a stomach. We had a very nice fruity wine during the dinner and we finished it with a glass of white Port wine. Well, I suggested that there is the white version of this wine, but I’ve never tried it before. Later, I found out that from some reason it is not exported to the England. It was really nice, sweet and lighter than the red one and I just couldn’t resist to bring one home :).