We had our first visitors here last weekend. Our friends came to see us and of course all the beauties of Munich. On Sunday we went for walk to Englischer Garten. The weather was excellent, sunny and very warm. We choose a different path as the first time to better know the park for future visitors and we came to the stream Eisbach (ice stream). Well, we’ve read about one place in the park, where people use to surf, but we’ve never seen this place before. Actually, it was something I couldn’t even imagine that would be possible. But after several minutes of standing on the bridge and watching some guys trying to hold themselves on the big wave of the stream, I realised that it’s really possible:)

The only sign near the stream was that swimming is prohibited, so I suggest surfing is something completely different :) And I’m really glad that there is this kind of attraction, because it’s great for watching.