This was one of my less fortunate trip ideas, but on the other hand I don’t regret at all that I was there. The question Where? is now on the right place … in the statue called Bavaria. Recently, we had a second visit here and after a day spent walking in the center and parks, we were thinking, where to go next. I read that there is a statue that was created and built as a symbol of Bavaria, it is 18 m high and it is possible to go in, upstairs and look around. Moreover, this statue look at Oktoberfest every year, because of standing directly on the Theresienwiese, so it was a great attraction. So why it wasn’t happy idea to go there? After the rainy week we had a wonderful hot weekend without clouds and Bavaria is an iron statue. The bottom half is indeed a brick staircase with shade, but the iron rest resembled a sauna. The cherry on top was that the view was ensured through about four rectangular holes. Well, once we were in the statue, we didn’t want to simply give up. Using last forces I took a picture of people at the very top and put lens also into holes.

Proposals for the statue were different and initially each of them included a lot of Roman and Greek elements. Finally, its design stabilised at the statue dressed in a bear fur holding a wreath of oak leaves in the left hand with the Bavarian lion on the right. The building behind the statue represents the Hall of Fame and there are plenty of busts of known scientists, writers and so on. The area for Oktoberfest is great and the subway exit leads directly into the area, which I found extremely practical :). Celebrations in Munich began first time due to the wedding of the Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese at the beginning of October 1810. As part of the celebrations horse racing was organised and in honor of the princess, this place was named after her Theresienwiese (Therese’s meadow). Since then, the celebrations were held every year. Firstly, horses were sold, later refreshment stands were added and various artists came and the celebrations somehow remain until today but with beer, sausages and so on. And this year the Bicentenary will be celebrated and all the brewers said they created together some great beer specially for this occasion, so we’ll see.