On the way to Slovakia and back

As a part of running in our new car we went to Slovakia. All the traffic jams somehow managed to escape or be removed, until we got to them. And given the rainy weather, we had no taste to stop anywhere making a break, so after six hours we arrived to our destination. Lights were turned on automatically, wipers as well as appropriate, Andrej pretty much just pressed buttons of cruise control until Bratislava and in the meanwhile I studied controlling of theair-conditioning andsurroundingbuttons. Only when we came to Bratislava and after the tunnel we turned to the no highway towardsStupava, my dear husband stated that he finally drove and started using pedals and the gearshift. Suddenly I was awake as well and I understood why my daddy asked me how high the chassis of our car is. We realised how mardy we are by having good Bavarian roads and that we somehow forgot how many holes and patches are able to fit an average road. But in general, the travelling was comfortable and quite nice but little bit tedious.

On the way back we set off around half eight in the morning in order to avoid the morning traffic jam in Bratislava. Since we had a whole day before us accompanied by the beautiful sunny weather, we did have two nice breaks in Austria. One of them was near Mondsee (moon lake), near the border with Germany. This part of the journey I particularly like because the way is among the Alps and the man just cannot stop watching the surrounding nature. Other people travelling through this area have probably a similar feeling because parking places with additional nice view and good restaurant are always full. Mondsee is one of those large lakes surrounded by mountains with lots of sailboats and clearly belongs to the locations from which it is difficult to leave. Besides having the thoughts of the last section of the way home, which is usually the most busy, in our heads, we would stay there longer.