Potatoes and other

Since we have lived in Munich, we eat more meat, wholemeal bread, vegetables and fruit. On Sunday, everything except a bakery and Biergarten is closed and so on the way from the church we always enjoy the fresh bread rolls and when the weather is nice we spend the afternoon somewhere out in the park. Given the prevalence of organic and bio products in the supermarkets, it happens quite often that these kinds of fruits or vegetables or eggs from free range hens wander to our basket. But as we still have to die on something, we sometimes tear into a pizza:)

Generally, we got used to a higher food standard, and so were delighted by recent trip to Cerová. Among seedbeds for potatoes and vegetables, we ate currants and pears, we didn’t even miss peas and we ended up with apricots. Then a vegetable soup from just dug carrots, parsley, kale and potatoes is cooked and one realizes what a huge taste difference between them and a bought version, which typically ripes somewhere in a warehouse , or directly on a shelf in the store, exists. And although it is more convenient to go shopping, while it is not necessary to use a grub hoe or to make your hands dirty, I still hope to have at least a mini opportunity to grow something by myself and to show to our children, that for example such as potatoes do not grow in the net on a shelf.