Rozbehy and Korlátka

Last weekend, on the occasion of the nice weather and a meeting with our parentsafter Christmas, we went on a small trip. It was pretty much only a nice walking within afternoon rest, but in the warm weather it was quite weary and I think more people from our group appreciated that the road back led through the forest. From Cerová we went on the winding road up the hill into a neighbouring village Rozbehy. In a local pub we drew our strength and finished our climb to top of the view-tower :). I was there with Andrejko during last Christmas, when it was basically freshly built. The first thing everyone has in mind is that it could be higher, but then when they actually look around, they find out that it would be useless. But it could be a little bit bigger because now it can fit up to a maximum of four people at once and surprisingly it is quite busy. In any case, the view from it isnice and when you finish admiring the view (or you can also enjoy pebble table and its concrete composition next to the view-tower:)) it is a pity not to go see the ruins Korlátka located close to this place.

We didn’t go there in the winter and so we were pleasantly surprised by the state in which we found it. Removing weeds, we could see all the walls and paths and in general I had an impression it was more beautiful than when I saw it a few years ago first time.

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