So finally, we made one of our planned trips ( I have 37 more trips in my tourist guide :)). Although in Munich the weather was nice and sunny, 40 minutes southern by our car led to mountains covered by clouds. But it didn’t discouraged us and we set off on the path leading us around the lake Schliersee.

The environment there was really beautiful. It is possible to rent a boat there and we also found the Wellness centre with a swimming pool, slides, sauna and so on. The path around the lake is pretty much straight. After about five kilometers, we turned and went uphill towards the ruins of Hohenwaldeck castle. This trip is labeled as not too difficult and children friendly, but the 220m elevation on a relatively short distance made us feel quite tired. The road leads through the forest and is accompanied by the signs saying something more about the ruins and surrounding flora and fauna. There are only three walls remained as the ruins of the castle. This is also caused thanks to the treasure hunters in the past. But the viewing point next to the ruins is just amazing and worth to come (I made the above panorama from there).

From there our path went up a little while but then we started going down back to the lake. The biggest surprise for us was a barbed wire fence with a small place where to walk through and four cows behind it in the middle of our path. For the moment, we gagged at the rightness of the path, but as there wasn’t any other way, we started thinking about passing the cows without their noticing. We looked helpless at them and they to us, but then Andrej found a wooden stick near the fence. So he took one and chased the cows a bit away, hence we could walk (my hero :)). Soon we came out of the pasture through another transition and we came back to the lake. I would say that this was the maximum fusion with nature.