I know that these little critters are also part of nature, but when someone starts eating plants grown with love by you, it sucks. I recently wrote that we bought a few plants in our appartment. There was also basil among them, my very favorite ingredient in cooking. It was absolutely great, until aphids appeared on the leaves. Theoretically, I could simply spray it with some plant spray against them, but we bought it as an organic plant, so it came to me as a very strange idea. Therefore I started looking for some solution online and I tried many things, but unfortunately my basil didn’t survive.

Then I read that aphids hate lavender and since we got as a gift a bag of dried lavender from Croatia, I said to myself that it is time to try it again. But this time I put a little amount of dried lavender on the soil in the flowerpot and rested the slightly opened lavender bag next to it. The fact that I have another basil at home was also discovered by aphids during the week. Well, I found them sitting everywhere around so far, but to my astonishment in a safe distance from basil (or better said from the lavender). Quite interesting is that they obviously don’t like the neighbouring sage plant. So now I’m curious how long it will last, but in the meanwhile we enjoy pasta with the fresh basil.