This time we went a little higher on the hill Wallberg (1722m) and so we increased the elevation to 927m. To get there, we travelled around the Tegernsee lake, which looked beautiful from above. We parked next to the cable-car station and began hiking.

Right at the beginning of our journey, we found out that the first cottage, where we wanted to go, was closed (on the winter version of the route) and so we decided that we would take it up with a bit steeper but shorter summer route. I don’t know if that was the best solution; we were at the top an hour earlier than we planed, but my hip was not really impressed. The journey was pleasant, wide and shade, but too long time in the forest. Firstly, we really appreciated it, but then after an hour when we could see nothing through the trees, it made us tired.

But it didn’t take too long and we came to another cottage with a beautiful sight, in the distance bells of the grazing cows could be heard and there remained less than hour to get on the Wallberg. Along the way we saw one chapel, the last cottage - cable-car destination and many people, who ran down the hill with parachutes and then hover in the air. After another 20 minutes of rocky path (to my great delight) we reached the top. We sat a while under a mega cross, then I made a panorama picture and we admired the wonderful view.

Hungry, we went down to the cable-car station, we ate everything what our backpack gave us and then to save our knees from going down the steep route, we took a cable-car back to the park place.