200th anniversary of the Oktoberfest is over and people in traditional costumes are slowly but surely disappearing from the streets and the subway, so people like us dressed only in jeans and T-shirt don’t look like tourists anymore.

Although we haven’t been in the beer tent on the Theresienwiese, we didn’t miss parade at the launch of this year’s festivities. There were horse drawn carts with barrels of beer and venison, but also agricultural machinery and many brass bands. Everyone, who was a part of this parade, moved from the one end of the Munich centre to the area where Oktoberfest happened (about 3.5km). Well, there were realy many people and the parade lasted three hours. We watched all the people from a balcony at Andrej’s boss appartment with a lot of other known and unknown people and we ate typical white sausages with sweet Bavarian mustard and cheese, salad, pretzels and of course we drank beer. One advantage of this big event was that the English Garden park was relatively empty and ideal for a walk :)