Once again in Slovakia

Once again, we travelled to Slovakia to see our friends and family, to gather some mushrooms and to enjoy a feast in Cerova, but especially to go to the Andrej’s brother wedding. The wedding took place in Castel Pension in Mierovo. Although I don’t know how the old manor house looked like before, I think its reconstruction was really successful. I was especially enchanted by a garden, which despite its relatively small dimension looked very spacious and thanks to various nooks with a touch of autumn very cozy.

Bridal couple said their yes under a gazebo in the garden and then we had a wedding lunch on the terrace. We danced, talked, in the evening we moved into the pension and around midnight we watched performance of SLUK. My freshly healed bronchi slightly didn’t manage to stay longer in the fresh cool air and so I had to leave and miss last dance of the newly married couple.

We have already looked forward to professional photos and we wish to married couple all the best in their life.