Christmas markets

During the weekend, we went to the Christmas markets. There are quite a lot of them in Munich. Basically, each Munich neighborhood has its own market. We went directly to the Marienplatz in the centre. There were many stands decorated with green boughs and colorful lights. They offered many things, among others, wooden ornaments and toys, candles and Christmas hats. I was really impressed by one stand that offered all sorts of wooden things ( cutting boards, spatula, etc.) on which the man in the stand drew different animals, flowers or wrote everything according to your wish. There were also many stands (Hütte) with traditional delicacies like gingerbread (Lebkuchen), mulled wine (Glühwein), roasted chestnuts (Maroni), grilled sausages (Bratwurst) and something that looked like a pizza but with cream, onion and bacon and tasted incredibly good (Flammkuchen).

These markets had but two imperfections. There was almost no snow. Everything was well cleaned and strewn with stones and somehow losing the atmosphere of winter. And then there were too many people and tourists, so among the stands we were moved by the crowd. Therefore we decided to go to markets in Englischer Garten or at least for a nice walk in the park. We somehow managed to squeeze into the subway and get off. We found ourselves in front of the snowy park surrounded by children with sledges. These markets were worth to come. There were slightly more stands with refreshments than others. Lots of snow everywhere, Christmas music and people with mulled wine making their hands warmer. For children there was a special tent where they could play around while their parents ate a cabbage soup. We could see harnessing horses ringing with bells and it all resulted in more festive mood.