Walking in the park

Walking in the park in winter, especially when there is snow everywhere, is absolutely fantastic. Although only until the sunset, because then it starts freezing properly and it is better to hide even in the subway. As I haven’t been in Englischer Garten at the time of snow, we went there during the last weekend. Originally, we wanted to go sledging on the nearby hill, but the season was just opened and so we concluded that there would be too many people anyway.

Children sledged here as well, every hill was occupied. The best shout of all was of one child rolling down the hill shouting “yipe”, who apparently went through all the bumps. One of the Biergarten solved the outdoor seating in the cabins of some cable car. What surprised us the most were the surfers on the local stream. I naively believed that there are people surfing only in the warm weather. One could say that after all they have proper wetsuits, so it actually doesn’t matter what the weather is like. But I still think that when they throw themselves into the ice water with uncovered faces, it must be still shock for them :)