Saint Nicholas

This year’s St. Nicholas evening we played an interesting game called A white elephant gift exchange with another about 40 people. There was St. Nicholas personally near the Christmas tree too obey the rules. :) Shortly, the point of the game is to bring some inexpensive (can be humorous) present nicely wraped. The bigger amount of people play the game is funnier. Everyone obtains one number that determines his present choice order and the same number are inserted into some bowl. Then the numbers are randomly picked up from the bowl and the particular person chooses the present. He can choose a new present and unwrap it or he can take already unwrapped present from someone he likes. The person whose present was taken chooses a new one. One present can only change the owner three times. The third one is the permanent owner (the first and the third can be the same person). When all the presents are unwrapped the game is over. The problem is that the person never know what could be in the wrapped present ( it can be something really useless and it takes more afford to take care of it than it is worthy), so everyone thinks about some kind of strategy when it is his turn.

Well, the presents were very various. I think the white elephant was the old computer box, which has fictive parameters written on it like flat screen included inside and similar. The guy who unwrapped it wasn’t able to change it :)First time I got a barbie, but luckily one guy took it from me. My final present was a book with a little bag of almonds in Christmas chocolate. Andrej’s turn was almost at the end of the game and he chose directly as the third owner a set for making a chocolate fondue. We need to learn how to use it properly, but the first try was successful and pretty good :)