In the city centre

Once again, we went to the town centre to show our weekend visitors (Andrej’s parents) how it looks like here and where we actually live. We travelled by all sorts of trains (S-Bahn and U-Bahn and tram), we walked through the shopping street and stores and we looked at the ringing tower of the new town hall at eleven. We overcame the altitude difference from a minus fourth floor of the underground to around 290m high tower in Olympia Park. At the central market place (Viktualienmarkt), we bought a great aromatic spices for Bruschetta (I have already tried it and I think it would be great for pasta too, but on that later). After intensive urban tourism, we went to our favourite Biergarten and ate typical Bavarian delicacies. Usual meals you can get there are sausages, in addition to the classic ones also curry and typical white sausages, fried chicken and ribs. Last time we tried a bread with lard, chives and tomatoes. This time we had a typical cheese spread. Its title is evidently not entirely clear. In the Biergarten you can find it under the name Opatzda or Obatzda and in the shop, it is named Obazda. Well, I’m going to try to prepare it and then I’ll post one tested recipe here. We took also a plate with slices of ham and chopped onions in vinaigrette, a few pretzels and a glass of beer each.

We have already got used to that small beer is half a liter and so we enjoy watching of surprised looks by note that there aren’t smaller cups. After watching ducks and a pleasant resting in Olympia Park, we went to see a large fair Auer Dult (Au is part of Munich, Dult=fair). This takes place only three times a year and since I haven’t seen it yet and there was one, I couldn’t resist the temptation to go there. It turned out that it’s partially kind of flea market and you can get there anything, in many cases even at a bargain price.