Officially Doctor

Two years agoI would havethoughtofgraduationas somevery nicebutunrealisticdreamand a week ago I was sittingin a large hall, wearing a gown and waiting for my diploma.But let’s start from the beginning. We wentto the university in the morning. I couldpick up thegown after eight o’clock,then we scheduledbreakfastora short walk, and about ten, we wanted togointo the hall,so we would settle half an hourbefore a graduation. But we found out that there were about 400 studentsgraduating at once andtwice as many relativeseagerlywaiting for opening the door in to the hall.From ouroriginal plan, Imanaged topick up thegown and have arapidbreakfast. I gave Andrej a ticket to enter the hall andqueued for a registration.

Awarding of diplomas was quick accompanied by applause andshouts of theaudience. The ceremony was enriched by a choir singing and at the endweheard theEnglishanthem. Of all thestudents there were onlyabout 20doctoral students and I’m not sure ifwe even occupied the entire first row.The restwereengineers and bachelors.If Ihadthefeelingbeforethat I know nothingand that itcan be accomplished by anyone, the hall convinced meotherwise. We were only a few students in different subtlegownswithpretty decent hats andwegraduatedthe first. And although wepassedthrough thestagereally quickly, when I heard my name and took the degree certificate I felt somehow special andproud of myself that I did something unique.