Apple-poppy strudel

A strudel is one of my most favourite cakes.The best thing about it is that it can be prepared as quick as it can be eaten. Well, it’s a bit of cheating because I don’t count the making of a pastry. Making the proper strudel dough as my grandma used to make, by slogging it on the table and pulling it so that she got a paper-thin cloth, is only my secret desire, which I’ll be maybe able to fulfil at some point in the future. Although we have no problem to buy a nice strudel or a poppy pie here, this lovely apple-poppy combination is still missing and so when we want to taste it, here are the instructions:


  • pastry (ready to use sheet can be bought)
  • 4 sweet apples (you can use one pear as well)
  • a small bowl of grounded poppy (cca 300ml)
  • a piece of butter

Preheat the oven to 200 C or gas mark 6. Prepare the baking paper (a rectangle that fits your baking tray). Put the pastry sheet on it. Get rid of seeds from the washed apples and grate the apples. Stir them into a bowl with the grounded poppy. Spoon the mixture on the prepared pastry sheet omitting about 1.5cm margins. Fold right and left edge of the pastry and slowly rotate the strudel from top to bottom. Place the rolled strudel on the baking paper with overlapping edge facing the bottom, so it will be not opened during the baking. Put some pieces of butter on the top of strudel. Bake for about half hour until gold brown.