New tenant

I already hadfelt like we travelled not alone on the plane to Mallorca, but it was just a feeling and I convinced myself that it’s rather unlikely to be truth. After our vacation, I was full of energy only about two days and then it went down rapidly. I slept everyday 12 hours, during the weekend even more but nevertheless I felt like a ghost. Every day in the morning, I got up terribly tired and at the work, I always received a nice careful compliment that I look horrible and I should do something about it. In mid-July, I slowly began to be convinced of a little baby living in my belly, but I wanted to be sure and so even though I had told Andrej it probably hadn’t worked this time, we went to the pharmacy to buy a baby test. Well, I think the test was weird because instead of waiting 5 minutes for a result, it turned blue earlier than I managed to use it properly. It was so blue that I could contribute with a picture to the attached leaflet, but at least it caused that Andrej glowed like a Christmas tree, so it was definitely worth :)

What we’ve already known about the little one

  • It has really an enormous energy consumption (of my energy) and every time I slept less or I spent more energy at work, I ended up in a bed with a fever. And so I learned to relax.
  • It’s thermophilic. I just open a fridge and my belly has a strange feeling of coldness, slightly deflates and I have to move away. The result is that I dress my belly in an extra layer.
  • My sense of taste is changing a lot, but in general, I prefer a Slovak cuisine, particularly dishes that I’ve not eaten for years. And I can eat tomatoes and sauerkraut anytime.
  • It likes when I caress my belly. Whatever it’s doing it stops and I feel like it swims to that place and enjoys it.
  • It is quiet and curious. It’s hard to find him/her, when we want to hear his/her heart beating. We can hear quiet beating for a while and then it fades out. But when we push on my belly and wait for a while it swims closer and the heart beating becomes louder until finally it snuggles down and we can hear loud and happy beating clearly until something disturbs him/her.
  • It likes movement. Especially around 4-5 in the morning, it regularly tests what everything can be moved. I already have quite got used to it and I use this time to listen to italian.
  • Originally, I was looking for some body lotion suitable for such a special belly with the tenant, but after reading what all the chemicals they contain, I ended up with an organic walnut oil. I think it’s happy with this choice, especially when Andrej spreads the oil all over my belly with his big warm hands.
Due to the many curious people, interested in gender of our little one, I decided to make a small survey. So everyone can take a part and express what they think it is, or what they would wish to us :)