I wrote the below article last week, thinking that I have enough time to do some more photos of my growing belly. But somehow I didn’t manage it and our little princess is already in the world :)

Well, we grow slowly. According to recent estimates, our baby has around 2.8 to 3 kg and falls well within the average size range, which makes me extremely happy. It’s only a shame that she doesn’t want to turn as other average children. This only convinces me to believe in my theory that she is a total phlegmatic after her daddy. She sits happily in my pelvis as in a chair, maybe she sucks her thumb and when she is not asleep, she looks at her biological clock and she thinks that there is plenty of time to turn because lying upside down for three weeks must be uncomfortable. And so I just run and walk, because when I sit or lay down, she presses her head against my ribs and then I’m not tolerant any more and I usually take something really cold from the fridge or freezer putting it on my belly. Then she moves her head away, although honestly I have no idea where. Sometimes I feel like there is an infinite space down there.

She didn’t change her position and she stood on her feet from the beginning. Luckily, there are physicians like Dr. Sandner, but more to this some other time. Right now, she puts on weight, sleeps a lot, starts looking at us intently and rarely cries. Well, I wake up about twice in the night on a loud munching and mumbling :)