It’s been over a month since Olivia lives with us. I must say that she changes herself in front of our eyes daily and she grows quickly. Some of her clothes are already small and we started using a new size of diapers as well. She learned to cry and express dissatisfaction and has an incredible appetite. She smiles often looking at us with her big eyes, she makes a variety of sounds with opened mouth. If she could talk, we wouldn’t be able to stop her :) Beside the heater above the changing table we discovered another great thing - a mirror. Olivia follows the baby lying next to her with great interest. She raises and rotates her head, she doesn’t let us to do anything with her hands anymore and I think she found out that those legs down belong to her. Last week she started to move so that she almost rolled over on her side and so we cannot longer put her anywhere without watching. And when she wakes me during the night with some noise up I can look at her with all my love despite of tiredness.