Olivia has over 5kg and my back is looking forward to doing excercises starting next week. She enjoys bathing and she recentlystarted screaming when we’re taking her out from the bathwater. Now I’m only waiting for that she holds her head properly and we go to the pool. I’m very happy that she has a relationship with Andrej equivalent to me (probably up to that hungry expression on her face) and whenever she sees him she smiles. Thanks to this, I can go swimming again and I managed a dinner with my friends as well. She has an incredible appetite this week and it takes hour and half to breastfeed her in the evening. Sometimes she makes a little pause when I think she is fed already but then she opens her eyes, she smiles and looks at me and starts shaking her legs with the question in her face whether there is still enough milk :). Yesterday we took a picture of her for a passport. Somewhat frowned as always when someone tries to take a picture of her but she was great otherwise and she hopefully will already be able to travel with us in July. Then at home, she managed to roll on one side lying on the couch. She was entirely surprised that it’s doable and she repeated it few more times. She reach out for objects that hang around. But she prefers to watch our hands and mouth when talking and she always smiles by vowel u. She looks at us with amazement, when we eat and she smiles when I drink from a bottle. And the best about her is that she began to be ticklish :)