We complained that it’s raining and cold and so on Wednesday it was suddenly about 15 degrees warmer and the sun is burning and we can only go out in the evening. But the great is that we don’t have to dress Olivia so much, she just needs to get used to the higher temperature. So far she only drinks a lot and is tired of it. Since Monday, she has been having fun lying on her belly again and so we encourage her to rotate. She tries to reach everything we hold in our hands, but she still prefers the hand itself. Last time, Andrej was sucking his thumb in front of her and she went after it energetically with both hands cramming the thumb into her mouth. She follows me with great interest when I eat something. She looks at me like at a magician, who lets the objects disappear and she smiles so cute. Her original hair falls out slowly, but there is an incredible bunch of new ones growing. The most beautiful she is with a little moist and fluffy hair after a bath. She has a whole repertoire of new sounds, we’re always surprised to hear a new one :).