Olivia began to roll on her belly a week ago. After an intensive weekend training with her grandfather and grandmother, she didn’t do anything else just tried to roll over and she was angry when it didn’t work. The next day she was rolling over and over on both sides. Rolling back to her back is more difficult, we train it but she rather falls than consciously rolls back. Basically it doesn’t matter, Olivia likes to be on her belly. I only wake up to her eee in the night, when she rolls to her belly and she looks at me in the darkness like what to do now. When she was younger she slept on her belly occasionally, but rather on her side. Later she slept on her back and now she tries to sleep on her side again, but sometimes she doesn’t estimate the rolling and she ends up on her belly. But when she finds the convenient position she can sleep two hours through the lunch, which makes me very happy.