Last week, we travelled with Olivia abroad for the first time. She was doing very well. She slept, played a bit, we had a little break on a blanket under the trees as well, just at the end she had enough, but so did all of us. We all dreamed about a cold shower. I was only worried whether this trip does not disturb her sleeping, but she slept even better than at home. Sometimes during the week, she learned to relax when on her belly by laying her head down. She is now able to sleep in any position during the night. She begins to rise really high on her hands and she slowly lifts her bottom and goes on the knees. She is fascinated with the trees and flowers. I’m only surprised it didn’t occur to me earlier to let her play in the grass.

Baptism was great, although I didn’t have enough time for everyone as I would like. Olivia complained a little bit because she was pretty sweaty and she couldn’t stop breastfeeding, but otherwise she managed it really good. There were also some cakes at the celebration (I’m glad that only diaper ones considering the heat outside … thinking about that, someone could bring a potty for her instead:)).

I would like to thank to Miška, Ivka and Miško for the photos, they’re amazing.