On her feet

Firstly, it seemed like she would be slithering on her belly. But it somehow didn’t impress her and she began to crawl. And after a week, when I thought she would crawl faster and I’d chase her around the house, she began to stand up (she is a bit in a hurry, isn’t she?). When she is very interested in something she can get to it very quickly, but she has more fun with searching for things that help her to stand up. So now we use all the boxes and mattresses to build her a playground. She likes playing with her car seat or a laundry basket and when there is nothing else she come to us and climb up clutching our knees and clothes. And she starts looking at our stairs. She practices primarily with her toes, therefore I crocheted her special socks without tips so she can still feel her toes on the floor but her feet are nicely warm (btw these are the only socks that remain on her feet). When she is unable to stand longer, she usually falls down on her bottom (luckily there is a diaper), she flexes her legs totally straight outwards or looses her balance and then we need to catch her to avoid getting hurt. Well yesterday, I finally managed to get waterproof trousers in her size, so we went to the playground to try them immediately. Now she can crawl with other babies outside as well.