Olivia is not standing on her tiptoes anymore but the whole feet and she starts cruising. She just lacks some kind of a survival instinct, because sometimes while standing she stops holding the object with her hands and then she looks surprised when falling down onto her back. Once she stands up, she doesn’t really want to sit down. She only kneels or sits down when she is pretty tired and she cannot stand any longer. She stretches her legs out as often as possible, so sometimes it’s very difficult to put her into high chair or on the ground. But when she’s crawling, she goes everywhere exploring our whole apartment and when I go out of the room she follows me.

Last couple of days were sunny and warm, and so we spent most of the time playing outdoor. Olivia examined the grass and the fallen leaves, we made cakes in the sand and she likes swinging on a swing. She is also interested in the moving cars and horses and she likes watching them from a pushchair.