Kids room

I recently painted a tree on the wall in Olivia’s bedroom to make it cosier. I painted with watercolors so I could wash it in the worst case. But it turned out pretty well so I maybe paint there some animals later on. We already thought about moving Olivia to her own room when she stopped sleeping in the bedside crib, but there were two things that discouraged me to do it. Firstly, I was worried that when I would have to go into her room at night to breastfeed her, I would wake up so much that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep. And than she looked so small and I just couldn’t imagine that she doesn’t sleep next to me. But Olivia started to be very sensitive to noise. We went to bed on tiptoe, Andrej had to prepare everything for the morning in the next room. When one of us moved in the bed she rolled over from side to side and she woke up four or five times during the night and it wasn’t always easy to make her sleep immediately. And so I was more vigilant than sleeping until a week ago when I gathered all the remaining energy and with a big smile on my face I told Olivia that she can be happy because she can finally sleep in her own room and nobody will disturb her. We moved her bed into her room together and then we examined everything in there. The first three nights I went to her several times but whenever I came back into our bedroom I fell asleep peacefully. Now, she wakes up once or not at all and I’m even able to get up earlier than she in the morning.