9 months

Olivia is fascinated by everything that causes some action i.e. switches, buttons causing the sound, she is very interested in the traffic lights and she looks curiously in the elevator. And when she is excited about something she squeals loudly (e.g. when she listens to her favorite music, when we go outside and then back home). Everything that moves is interesting as well like cars and bicycles. Recently, a painter was at our home. When she saw him painting the wall she stared at him open-mouthed. She loves to stand up dropping something on the floor and then she bends over to take it and she does this over and over again. She likes bending her knees. She prefers to feed herself. First, she grabbs the food whit her hands, she looks at it from each side and then she puts it into her mouth. She is very talkative. She likes talking after a dinner, something like bababa ba ba and she throws an important look at us. And she already found out that she also has fingers on her hands and she watches them amazed from all sides. And her first bottom left tooth sprouts (we noticed it accidentally).