I’m able to get our baby dressed only while she’s standing. I can force her to lie on her back only a very short time while I’m changing her nappy. Once she has a new one , she rolls over on her tummy, grabs the nearest toy and at the first opportunity she stands up. But she already gives us little hugs and kisses, so I cannot really blame her for anything :). She began to walk around with a box and she lasts to do it quite a long time. After she discovered that she can slip on the stairs and cannot go back down, she doesn’t try to go up, but she likes to play on the first step. She throws things behind the stairs and then she crawls around to take them. She also tests where she fits by crawling under the couch, tables and chairs. She likes to play with the shoes from the shoe rack and she takes our slippers. In the kitchen she has to stay on a little stool to be able to see what I’m doing up there and she throws out a box with pasta from the kitchen shelf. When she is bored at one place she crawls to another place searching something interesting. And when we call her asking where she is going, she just looks at us, smiles and goes on. When she hears that someone opens the front door she sits up and she waits still watching who is in the hallway.