11 months

Olivia has six teeth and she likes cleaning them whenever she sees her toothbrush. And apparently thanks to them she makes funny faces. She claps her hands when I say “clap clap” and she dances when she hears music (and she tries to dance even when standing alone). She likes throwing a ball and then catching it climbing over everything that comes in her way. She can say Mom and show Daddy whenever she hears him or is looking for him. And when she really wants something like milk, she signs it with both her hands at the same time maybe to reassure that we can see that. She loves kissing her teddy bear laughing at it. She likes paper chase game. She always looks over her shoulder to see if I crawl after her and then she starts crawling away screaming. She likes reading books, she opens and closes them looking at the pictures and even better is to take the books out of the shelves. We can spend ages playing “please - thank you” game i.e. I asked her to give me something, she gives it to me and then I ask her if she wants it back and I give it to her. She is captivated by everything that is done in the kitchen. She intently follows the coffee maker and likes tasting everything that is cooked in pots. Since she has the upper teeth, she doesn’t want me to cut her bread anymore so she can bite it properly and she likes to feed others. She has learned to climb down off the couch and bed and when I hide myself under a blanket and ask her to find me she uncovers me immediately. During the day, she doesn’t sleep a lot, but in the evening she falls a sleep at six and with only one break she sleeps till seven in the morning.