Parental leave

Again, we enjoy a common month of parental leave. I must say that it’s great because we have just right amount of energy for our little rascal. Olivia climbed down the stairs for the first time. It took her quite a long time, but we duly praised her for that and she smiled like sunshine. She learned to slip the wooden rings on a stick and she likes to take toys out of the box and then again put them back. When she succeeds in something she claps her hands, she looks at us and expects the same enthusiasm. She can drink from her mug and she tries to feed herself with a spoon. She still enjoys swimming and with swim arm bands we let her jump into the water and “swim” around watching other swimmers. She likes looking for the rolled away toys or just exploring what’s under the couch and bed and with interest she picks up all the little things she finds on the floor.